How to Take Advantage of the Decline of the Newspaper Industry

It may seem difficult to believe, but the modern newspaper, with its huge distribution network and online capabilities is in fact in a better position than many of its big competitor’s online competitors. This is because for the most part (apart from the UK), it still faces tough competition from online media outlets such as the Financial Times, The Independent and the Wall Street Journal that are able to reach markets that newspaper simply cannot. So even though the online industry has exploded, the newspaper is still finding its place, albeit at a reduced level. However this does not mean that it can take its current slumping sitting down! In fact, it is actually very easy to pick up some extra readers and in turn, more revenue!

news paper

The first thing you need to do if you want to take advantage of the falling sales of the printed paper is to start writing up news stories on a regular basis. This is best to be done as a weekly routine and it is important that you keep up with breaking news wherever possible. You could also choose to add an online comment feature to your articles, but bear in mind that you must have some space between the comments and the actual article, or people will be unable to read them. This means that you must have a large margin of space to write anything, making it necessary to choose between long and short articles, and between paragraphs.

This also means that you must ensure that you include any multimedia in your news piece. Videos are one of the top ways that online readers are now getting access to news. However the problem lies in their format, and how easily they are loaded on mobile phones and tablet devices. As such, news distributed by video is becoming less common as the years go by. This means that the newspaper still has a valuable asset in this area, but you might have to experiment a little longer to find a video that works. Some videos are available in the newspaper’s website, but they are often unsuitable for online use due to slow upload speeds.