Top 15 Marketing Instagram Tips

If you’re new to marketing on Instagram or if you’re not sure what it takes to really make it work, Instagram Marketing Instinct will show you how. Once you’re ready to be inspired, spruce up your social media, brand, or personal identity, take the best 15 Marketing Instagram accounts to the next level to really shine and help your business stand out through the long scroll of posts. When you’re ready to fully embrace the Instagram Marketing Instinct strategy, don’t forget to:

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Don’t Make These Mistakes: Mistakes like requesting pictures from friends of friends can really hurt you when it comes to reaching an Instagram audience. You need to remember that these are followers who already know you, so if they’re going to respond to a post with a picture of your product or service, it’s best to ask them first. Don’t forget that your followers on Instagram are likely also searching for the same things that you are, so don’t try to market your page to them in the hopes that they’ll click on your links. Instead, let them help you market!

Instead, let them comment on your posts, either commenting on one of your posts or creating their own. This will not only help them learn more about you, but it will also keep them engaged in your updates, increasing the chances that they will eventually share them with their friends. Remember, when it comes to marketing on Instagram, the content truly counts. So invest the time, effort, and creativity into what you do. The rewards will truly be worth it.