Top 15 Marketing Instagram Accounts You Should Use

In this article we will be discussing why marketing on Instagram should be considered a different form of marketing. Social media is no longer a place to post endless dull, outdated, comments left by people who have since become obsolete. Instagram is a fun way to connect with your followers, and to find new ones at the same time. It is a fun and addicting way for your followers to stay up to date with what you are doing, even if they are away from your business. This means that anyone can take advantage of marketing on Instagram without having a huge following and without spending tons of money. In this article we will be discussing a few of the top 15 Marketing Instagram Accounts to use in order to generate the most traffic possible to your website or blog.

marketing instagram

The first account that needs to be mentioned in this article is Timmerman. This account is very popular because it is a simple account that allows users to upload pictures, and share videos that their followers can see. A great advantage to using this account is that it allows you to make video posts, which can also be broadcasted to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The second page that should be mentioned in this article is the Personal Account Facebook Page. This account has a very low profile set up, but has received a lot of attention recently for its viral capabilities. People have been making fun of this account due to the fact that it is an attention hog. However, if you are able to keep your account clean and simple, you will be able to get the most use out of it. By keeping the amount of content you post at a reasonable level, you will be able to get the most people to look at your updates, which will lead to sales.